Thursday, June 3, 2010

Chrononaut May: A Steampunk Circus

Concertinas, acrobats, and knife jugglers oh my! The month of May was circus night at Chrononaut and it was quite a night indeed with performances by the students of the Lindley-Lopez Circus in San Diego. Local entertainer and costumer Justine opened up the night with a lively concertina performance. Then an acrobatic duo astounded audiences with an amazing display of skill and feats. And to top off the night we had local knife juggler Strider dazzling the crowd with his whirling blades of daring doom. Also Skin Tight Body Art were in attendance to offer custom body painting those interested. As always I was there with my partner in crime the lovely Ms. Merci in a stunning ring leader attire and myself as the dangerous Man Eating Circus Animal. At least that's what was printed on the sign I wore around my neck. The rest of the night was folly on top of a miniature bicycle and chair racing galore. Hope to see you at the next one!

As usual more pictures at Mad Calamity Photos and Jerry Abuan Photography. Videos can be viewed at Mad Calamity Productions.

- Captain Wong Wei -

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