Friday, June 4, 2010

Chrononaut Gets Airborne for First Anniversary

Calling all Harlots and Scoundrels of the sky! Indeed a year has passed since the conception of Chrononaut has began. A steampunk oasis in a desert of stagnate local clubs the first steampunk themed club has garnered some small fame in the global steampunk community. And to celebrate the theme for June will be what most people think of when asked what steampunk is...AIRSHIPS! So dig out your goggles, polish up your cutlasses, strap on your flight caps, and fuel up your ornithopters! The evening will feature a shadow puppet show by the Animal Cracker Conspiracy presenting their original production 'Desire to Fly' in which was described as...

"A timeless tale of innovation, longing, and imagination, Desire to Fly is a shadow puppet show inspired by Leonardo da Vinci's "flying machines" and man's eternal quest for flight. In the distant future a robot, fresh off the assembly line, finds himself wandering through a garden, where he unexpectedly becomes fascinated by butterflies. From this inspiration he attempts to build his own set of wings. His journey of experimental flight travels beyond the unexpected."

And rounding out the evening is a demonstration for radio controlled airship piloting by The Airship Consortium. And on the big screen will be archival footage from the golden age of zeppelins. And as always the musical selections of Professor Greyshade and vendors galore!

Doors open at 8:00 pm and closes at 12:00 am with an $8.00 cover. See you there!

Queen Bee's Art and Cultural Center
3925 Ohio Street
San Diego, CA 92104

- Captain Wong Wei -

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