Monday, June 29, 2009

The Manticore Society is on MySpace!

The Manticore Society is now on MySpace! Currently it's a bit sparse so please be patient while we work on it.

- Captain Wong Wei -

Anime Expo Steampunk Gathering

On Friday the third of July at noon at Anime Expo there will be a steampunk gathering. The location is 'stairs site #2'. Below is a map of the LA Convention Center stair sites with the gathering location marked with a big '2'.

Hope to see you there!

- Captain Wong Wei -

Balboa Park Afterwards...

A wonderful time was to be had by all on a very sunny and warm summer day at Balboa Park in San Diego. Both the scavenger hunt and the picnic was quite enjoyable. A big thank you goes to Cindy for setting it all up. Afterward a few of us had a little photoshoot while we explored the park. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

- Captain Wong Wei -

Friday, June 12, 2009

Balboa Park Steampunk, Victorian, & Edwardian Picnic and Scavenger Hunt

This Sunday Miss Emmaline Pierpont, has organized an delightful afternoon of picnics and a scavenger hunt. Dress up in your finest outfit and meet up on the lawn to the left of the Botanical Building-Lily Pond at 12:30 p.m. Lunch and stimulating conversation & tomfoolery at 12:30 followed by the scavenger hunt at 1:30.

The rules of the scavenger hunt will be as followed:
Everyone will be breaking off into teams.
Each team will receive a set of clues and will have one hour to find them.
Make sure at least one person on your team has a digital camera or a cell phone camera, because as you find each clue, you will be taking a picture of it for proof!
First team back to home base with all the clues is the winners.

If possible, please RSVP (here). Hope to see you there!

- Captain Wong Wei -

Chrononaut Aftermath

This was a night to remember! The opening night for Chrononaut and the grand opening of Obscure Discoveries was a success! A big thank you goes to Eric and Ingrid for setting up this ambitious project. And hopefully this will be but the first of many nights to come. And for those of you who wasn't able to make it here are some pictures of the event.

- Captain Wong Wei -