Monday, June 28, 2010

Chrononaut June: There be Airship Pirates on the Horizon

Chrononaut celebrated their first anniversary in June with an Airship theme. Majority in attendance donned their airship finest from goggles to flight caps and jackets to tall boots. Ms. Merci roamed about with her metallic Hindenburg during the evening.

The Elective Surgery booth had a delicious red velvet cake for those who made a contribution and a lovely wind-up clock up with exposed workings and gears up for raffle. And as usual Obscure Discoveries were on hand with steampunk related jewelery and accessories and Mad Calamity was snapping photos throughout the night.

The silent film projector featured a showing of archival footage from the golden age of zeppelins. While spinning the tunes DJ Greyshades announced a trivia contest where the winner would win a newly printed Chrononaut Club t-shirt for the first person who could name five songs that played at the first Chrononaut. Amazingly the good captain remembered the first song of that night which was Emilie Autumn's 'Always look on the Bright Side of Life" and won the shirt.

As it grew later into the evening the Animal Cracker Conspiracy performed a shadow puppet show. The story involved the creation and exploration of a mechanical man's curiosity with butterflies. In the end the audience gave a standing ovation as the puppeteers took their bows and invited everyone behind the scenes.

In all it was a wonderful night as we celebrated Chrononaut's first anniversary.

More pictures as usual on Mad Calamity Photos.

- Captain Wong Wei & Ms. Merci -

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