Thursday, November 25, 2010

LosCon 2010

After you stuff yourself with turkey and all the fixin's this year what are you gonna do next? Well if you're in Los Angeles during November 26-28th maybe you'll want to come on down to LosCon 37, an annual sci-fi convention held at the LAX Marriott. This year the theme is urban fantasy, steampunk and sci-fi noir. This year Phil Foglio (Girl Genius) is the artist guest of honor and Emma Bull (Bone Dance and Territory) the writer guest of honor.

And the convention doesn't end when sun goes down but an entire floor of the hotel is set aside for open room parties each with their own theme such as the 'Gaslight Gathering's Exhibition of the Legendary Floating Curiosity Shoppe'. Hope to see you there!

November 26-28th 2010
At the LAX Marriott in Los Angeles

- Captain Wong Wei -

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