Wednesday, November 10, 2010

First Regular Meeting of the Manticore Society

This Sunday the fourteenth of November the Manticore Society will be holding our first regular meeting at the historic Heritage Square, a living history museum reflecting the settlement and development of Southern California from the Civil War to the early 20th Century. Eight historic structures are located at the museum, constructed during the Victorian Era, which were saved from demolition to educate the public about Southern California's early development. There will be a guided tour by Manticore member Colonel Sir Harry Flashman VC .

We will be gathering at the venue at 12:00pm for a picnic and group photo with the actual meeting starting at 1:00pm sharp, afterwards we'll have the guided tour throughout the historic houses. There is a $10 museum fee. A big thank you goes to Casandra deNocturne for organizing this event and our first regular meeting. Below is the address to the museum and their website. Also as this is a public venue we ask that you please leave all firearms and large contraptions at home as we hope to use this space again in the future.

All are welcome to attend!

3800 Homer Street
Los Angeles, California 90031
(323) 225-2700

- Captain Wong Wei -