Friday, January 29, 2010

A Report On An Evening With The Unfamiliar

The description for this event on Sunday, January 17th first reads:
"Come join us as The League of S.T.E.A.M, famed inventors and paranormal experts, host an unforgettable evening of steam-powered thrills, ectoplasmic oddities and supernatural curiosities. Prepare to be amazed by the latest in scientific advance in spectral detection and containment."

And that we were! The venue was an appropriately themed spot called Renee's Courtyard Cafe in Santa Monica. The venue was an intimate gathering place with smashing decor, wonderful atmospheric lighting and a a heated outdoor area that thankfully wasn't too outdoors, as it was raining a bit! As soon as you walked in you can see the displays of The League of S.T.E.A.M.'s banners and logo as well as the picture collage for their group. Along with a few of the examples of paranormal findings (such as the Phantom Monkey! (damn thing tried to pick my pocket! - the Captain)), there stood some wonderful examples of the seam work on their lady member's garments.

The League set up a projection room which played their short videos of their adventures that also accompanied a merchandise booth to help raise funds for future events and projects. In the Doll Room and along the back rooms of this lovely dwelling were wonders for the senses. Each member with their inventions did small demonstrations at their stations as well as individual stand-alone presentations during the course of the night. Each invention captured the attention of all with the astonishing amount of time and dedication devoted to each device!

Whether it be the guests of League of S.T.E.A.M. or patrons who happen to stumble upon this night of fantastic oddities, there was something for everyone! Professor Jager mesmerized the audience with his clockwork girl, R.O.S.E., designed for dealings with dangerous supernatural forces and, as a bonus, is exquisite in her aesthetic design. (Many blessings upon the R.O.S.E. for retaining her grace during such a long night of operation!) Conrad Wright III, along with Jasper Mooney, spent most of the night interrogating the guests with mirrors and crosses to try to expose the elusive vampire that roamed throughout the crowd. Crackitus Potts, in between relaxing cigar breaks and sips of energizing ectoplasm, stood at the oh-so 'shocking' display of the electric current generator where people lined up to get a taste of the tickler (I been a 'subject' of this invention neck hair still stands on end whenever I'm around it - the Captain).

The EVP phenomenon machine astounded many who listened to the playback and detected the presence of the roaming ghostly apparition that weaved in and out of the rooms causing random occurrences that could not be explained , though strangely only the children seemed to be able to see her! Baron Von Fogel and JR were very kind in explaining any of the questions asked of them about their organization and devices. The jet back that was to carry a Leaguer into the air was not quite up to the science that the members put into it (though they do claim it worked yesterday!) but it was entertaining to watch them try! Zed, the League’s resident zombie, staggered about the attendance unescorted through most of the night and even assisted the barmaids in serving the drinks! Once in a while Zed’s control collar did fail and his rampage proved terrifying until one of the members of the League set it back to work, then all was well again!

Near the end of the night, an auction was held to give away a signed one-of-a-kind promotion poster, and the lucky winner of this item was “Sold, to the gentleman in the goggles!” A splendid time was had for all, steampunk or not! Everyone seemed to be delighted with one another, surrounded by good food, refreshing drinks and the curiosities and delights from the League of S.T.E.A.M.! Each member of The League I had the pleasure of talked to was very gracious in having everyone attend the evening and make it such a success, they are all very wonderful people devoted to their craft and spreading the fantasy and joy that comes along with steampunk. I, along with the other members of the Manticore Society, enjoyed ourselves thoroughly and very much look forward to the next venture with the wonderful League of S.T.E.A.M.! But to really know what it is like to encounter this group, do visit their sites and join us for the next S.T.E.A.M. event! As always for access to our full gallery and videos please visit our myspace at

- Report by Merci & Photos by Captain Wong Wei -

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