Thursday, January 28, 2010

Chrononaut 1-14-10 Report

For those who are not familiar with Chrononaut, it is the once a month steampunk themed dance night at Queen Bee's in San Diego. Headed by The Machina Fatalis Steampunk Social Club, this night entails everything you would want for a steamy good time! DJ Professor J. S. Greyshade plays an eccentric play list of music from old to new as a silent movie plays on stage. The lovely Ingrid flutters about the crowds, the social butterfly she is! There are live performances some night, and vendors selling their wares every night for your steampunk buying needs!

Obscure Discoveries, a faction of Manticore Society dedicated to creating and selling such wares, was on site for the January 2010 opening night themed Beggar's Market. The attendance were asked to bring any spare clothing or scrap material to be gone through by all and whatever was left would be donated to charity. All were asked to dress in according attire to match the theme of the evening. There was also soup served in true soup kitchen style!

While Capt. Wong Wei didn't exactly fit the poor look (actually I think I fit the bill that night looking quite bummy - the Captain), Miss Merci definitely did! The Obscure Discoveries table proudly displayed the items we've been knows for and some new items for sale. We shared a table with the San Diego shadowcast of Repo! the Genetic Opera, who are known as Elective Surgery. Cat. Wong Wei is a part of the cast playing many different characters such as Limo Driver, GENcop, and Band Leader. Miss Merci is also part of the cast playing Blind Mag. We were very happy to be next to our fellow cast members as they raised money for the cast!

There was no live performance this evening but a whole lot of fraternization and browsing about the tables. The tables where heaping with clothing, jewelry, and shoes up for grabs and there seemed to be a little something for everyone. While the Captain went about doing his 'steampunk paparazzi' adventures, all else had the opportunity to have their photos taken by our resident steampunk photographer, Jerry Abuan, who time and time again delights us with his amazing photos!

To view the photos from this night, please visit and click on Chrononaut January 2010!

Near the middle of the night, a winner for the attire contest was named and given a gift certificate to Clockwork Couture! The Elective Surgery booth also announced a winner for a raffle held to win a beautiful hand mirror! Obscure Discoveries did so enjoy our time at the dance and had a terrific time meeting with new faces, displaying our creations, and dancing to the music! We very much look forward to our next excursion to San Diego to visit our friends at Chrononaut!

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