Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pyrate Daze Report

What can I say about Pyrate Daze? Pirates, Steampunks, and the Queen Mary oh my! It was wonderful to see how many steamies turned out for this event and kudos to the League of S.T.E.A.M. for taking over pretty much the entire middle floor of the dealers room. The demonstrations and steamy programing...well as it's printed on the league's flag a big ol' thumbs up.

The highlight of the entire event would have to be the banquet dinner and concert on Saturday night. Well worth the eighty dollar price tag. Abney Park as always puts on a fantastic show. The belly dancers performing along side them was absolutely gold. Big thumbs up for the entire night. It's also wonderful to see how much this group is growing as more and more people are joining up. Spread the word and one day we just might take over. And that's a good thing. Now as usual are a few pictures of the event and if you wish for more just follow this link to our myspace for a massive two part report with even more pictures and a whole bunch of videos.

- Captain Wong Wei -

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