Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Nostalgia for the DS

In seven days Nostalgia for the Nintendo DS hand held system will be hitting the US shores. Originally released in Japan on November 2008 by Tecmo as Nostalgio no Kaze (Wind of Nostalgio) Nostalgia is a role playing video game developed by Red Entertainment and Matrix Software. Produced by Keisuke Kikuchi (Fatal Frame I, II, III) with programming and three-dimensional graphics by Matrix Software (Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy IV). Featuring three-dimensional characters and environments, Nostalgia takes advantage of the Nintendo DS's dual screens, gameplay is featured on one screen while a map of the player's current location is present on the other, which fills as they travel through new areas. As a bonus the player's party is judged at the end of each battle with a letter grade based on what they did in combat as well as how quickly and flawlessly they have defeated their enemies. The higher the letter grade the better as they may give additional rewards. The music for Nostalgia was composed by Shinichiro Sato (FLCL) and Rei Kondo (Okami), who was credited alongside his musical unit "T's Music".

The game takes place in an alternate reality steampunk version of the 19th Century and follows main character Eddie, a native of London and son of a world famous adventurer. He and his companions travel the world in a customizable airship by the name of the Maverick in search of Eddie's father Gilbert Brown who has gone missing and uncover the truth about an ancient civilization. The game features both standard turn based combat as well as aerial battles against enemy airships. The player will have control of Eddie (the main character), Pad (a street urchin), Melody (a witch), and Feona (standard mysterious young girl). Settings include such real world places as New York City, Tokyo, Cairo, South America, and Northern Europe.

At the moment if you preorder the game from Amazon you will get exclusive access to the last volume of the webcomic series and if you join the Nostalgia Face book and send them a a screenshot of your pre-order receipt the Nostalgia Face book will mail you a free copy of the Nostalgia art book.

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