Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Chrononaut: A Concert For Sepiachord

The genre of steampunk music is unusual in that there is not one word that could be used to describe it. Instead it's a network of performers who have come to recognize that indefinable yesterday-meets-tomorrow 'spark' which we as steampunks have come to recognize. But that network did not just spout from the æther , someone had to define a 'genre that doesn't exist'. And that someone is Jordan Bodewell, the visionary behind Sepiachord.

Mr. Bodewell is often times hard at work writing record reviews of new finds. He posts a song of the day on multiple Internet forums every day. And he has put together two extraordinary compilation CDs and has pulled artists together who otherwise might not have known one another existed. But now here does the stitch, the Bodewell family has been hit with medical bills so far beyond what their insurance covers that it will take years of careful budgeting to recover. And as part of that budgeting Mr. Bodewell has felt that he neeed to cut his internet connection (in this day and age? ouch!), server his web hosting, and his music budget. Doing so would've killed off Sepiachord. But the steampunk community has pulled together and donated funds including the proceeds from Chrononaut's Jule Fest to hold off on that dreadful day. But more is still needed for both Sepiachord and the Bodewell family.

So Chrononaut is doing their part and brought together an assembly of Los Angeles musicians to donate their talents to this good cause. This is a rare opportunity for Chrononaut to host so many performers under her roof. The line up includes Eliza Rickman, Flip Cassidy and the Junkyard Gospel, Jon Magnificent, and the 'Weird Val' of dark cabaret herself Veronique Chevalier.

$10 at the door (Additional Donations Welcomed!)
All Ages
Beer & Wine with ID

3925 Ohio Street
San Diego, CA 92104
(619) 255-5147

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