Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Chrononaut April: Tango de Vapourpunque

The theme for April's Chrononaut was Tango de Vapourpunque, 'A Latin take on steampunk as if the Spanish Empire had developed a high alternate technology.' The good captain and I embarked on a rather long journey to our beloved second home of San Diego, prepped with our outfits for the Elective Surgery shots that the highly skilled photographer Jerry Abuan graciously volunteered to take for the Repo! shadowcast of San Diego.

Finally arriving and setting up the Obscure Discovery booth it was easy to see the crowd was in a festive tango mood. Soon there was a brief but compelling demonstration of the tango dance. Afterward the performers were kind enough to give anyone who wanted a chance for a lesson. At one point our dear captain while dressed in in SWAT gear as a GENcop was found under one of the tables taking pictures in which Ingrid lamented that he looked to be in the middle of a battlefield.

As the dance lesson came to an end Jerry began taking the cast photos for Elective Surgery. They can be found on his zenfolio page here. The night then came to an end, as usual we had a delightful time and was happy to have spent the evening in the land of the Tango de Vapourpunque!

As usual photos of the night can also be found on Mad Calamity Photos.

- Report by Ms. Merci & Photos by Captain Wong Wei -

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