Saturday, March 27, 2010

March's Automatons and Alchemical Aberrations at Chrononaut

This March's Chrononaut was a very special one for a few members of the Manticore Society indeed! Both Ms. Merci and the good Captain are cast members in the San Diego Repo! shadowcast entitled Elective Surgery. The Captain is the shemp of all trades (doing the parts of lead GENcop, mustache driver, band leader and reporter to name a few) and Ms. Merci brings to life the part of operatic sensation Blind Mag. And this night Elective Surgery performed a small preview of their upcoming shadowcast. Despite a few early technical difficulties, the number was performed with high acclaim and attention from the audience! It was great to see the hard work of the cast come to life!

At the Elective Surgery booth there was a delicious blood-stain designed cake available per slice per donation as well as the usual stickers and posters. There was also a lovely welded gear necklace up for raffle! And after the performance, there were many pictures taken of the cast in various poses by Jerry Abuan.

Everything seemed to come to a halt when those magnificent pantomime performers, the Steam Powered Giraffe, took to the stage! Hardly anyone moved from their spot! For those who are not familiar, Steam Powered Giraffe is a comedic performance troupe whom dress as steam powered robots and mimic the movements and sounds of the beings they dress as. And what an exciting show it was! A whole night's worth of comedy, songs, and entertainment to watch. If you've never seen the wonder that is Steam Powered Giraffe, we urge you to do so at least once! You shalt not be disappointed!

Everyone was very very happy after they performed and Ms. Merci had the pleasure of talking to some of the people who ran their merchandise booth (as they were right next to the Obscure Discoveries table). The Captain bought one of their albums and Ms. Merci a sticker, and one of the gentlemen went over the beautiful artwork in the sleeve of the album.

At the end of the night, Elective Surgery raffled off the necklace and the lucky winner was Ms. Merci herself! The necklace was made and donated by Mr. Paris, another merchant at Chrononaut. It was a terrific night where people let go of the ordinary, took in the extraordinary and were delighted all night!

The pictures Captain Wong Wei took of the night can be found on Mad Calamity Photos.

- Report by Ms. Merc & Photos by Captain Wong Wei -

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