Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chrononaut: Lace & Brass Ball

This February Chrononaut had a romantic flair with the theme Lace & Brass Ball. All in attendance were encourage to grace the dace floor with their most elegant garb and encouraged to partake in the one-step dance lesson given by a local dance teacher. Manticore Society's Obscure Discoveries wing was there once again to display items of fancy, as well as promote more for Elective Surgery, the Repo! Genetic Opera shadowcast we participate in.

Capt. Wong Wei did not participate in the dance but did take lots of pictures of those who did. I did enjoy myself as I learned the dance and was delighted to see all the smiles and laughter from those who attempted this dance. The instructor and her partner where both patient and wonderful!

Ingred walked the crowds to present roses to all the lady patrons as her other lovely half delighted us with the music styling of what transformed every five minutes into another place & time. The silent film being played had my attention while I took care of the booth. Jerry's photo booth made record of all the lovely couples who came out of this event of grace and romance!

The Elective Surgery booth, headed by our lovely directors Amy and Amanda, was the most sweetest of all, having cake to gain in exchange of a $1 or more donation! We also had a raffle for a beautiful picture album and Valentine's Day candle. The generous crowd contributed enough for us to open an official cast account. A very great step into our future!

After all the songs were played, the photos snapped, the rose basket empty, and the cake was gone, we said our goodbyes and left with a great feeling of togetherness and accomplishment.

For more photos and videos please visit our myspace.

- Report by Merci/Photos by Captain Wong Wei -

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