Monday, July 20, 2009

Tales from the Labyrinth of Jareth XII

Just as she bit into the sweet fruit gifted to her,
she delicately fell upon the grassy land and
into a deep intoxicating dream.
She dreamt of an elaborate hall full of masked beauty
everywhere the eye could look...of people laughing and dancing.
Yet, she felt lost and desperate to find a familiar face.
She realized then the man who had given her the challenge of a life,
the man who had been most unfair, was her only refuge.
He finally takes her close as she loses herself in the glittery moment.
When all of a sudden the clock strikes and fantasy is shattered by reality.

The above is a little of LOJ's inspiration. If you have never seen the 1980's movie must! This masquerade event of the year has been taking place for eleven years now. Each year drawing in more divine creativity than the last. For the past few years they have extended it to two days of breath taking costuming and amazing performances.

I had the wonderful opportunity to go both nights again this year. Below are a couple photographs of this magical weekend.
My photos cannot give you the real beauty of it all, but I hope they inspire you to attend next year. Unfortunately, I didn't capture any pictures of the performers except for one. The entertainment keeps getting better and left me in AWE this year.

- Heather von Luminous -

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