Thursday, March 26, 2009

Abney Park Concert at the Knitting Factory Pictures

The year is 2009 in the month of March and the date is the 19th as the airship pirates known as Abney Park makes their way once again into the City of Lost Angels, in particular the Knitting Factory. I know I said this before time after time but it still holds true, the steampunk band known as Abney Park puts on a terrific and wonderful live show. I encourage each and everyone of you out there to catch their performance live if you ever get the chance.

Myself I had a wonderful time at the concert. It was great to see the local and not so local steampunk community come out (and pretty much fill the venue) to show their support in the genre and culture that we love so much. I can't wait for Abney Park's new CD to be released and was excited to be able get to hear some of their new songs of which they performed.

- Captain Wong Wei -

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