Monday, September 15, 2008

Steampunk Concert at the California Institute of Abnormal Arts

On September 20th there will be a steampunk concert at the California Institute of Abnormal Arts in North Hollywood (check it out below). We'll to meet up around 2-3pm at the Institute of Abnormal Arts for a meet up (everyone is welcome to attend) and then dinner. After dinner we'll return to the institute for the concert at 9pm. Hope to see you there!



Tyler said...

Little lost Steampunker looking for friends... Just getting into it and looking for seasoned Steampunkers to help guide me. Help!

MPsy said...

Come down on Saturday, meet up with us, and we'll help you out. I'll be there as the fellow with the dark blue long coat or brown newspaper boy cap. Step right up and don't be shy!