Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Steampunk IRC Chat & Comic-Con Picture Results

First off the creation of the IRC Steampunk Chat has been created by our very own MissTenSquared. It is on IRC: on the #themanticoresociety channel. Or you can also access it on mibbit.

1) Go down to Connect to IRC: box and drag down to
2) Enter a nick.
3) In the channel(s) box enter '#themanticoresociety' (without the '').
4) Hit the go button.

The Comic-Con steampunk panel was a great success (we expected 20 people we ended up with 100+) with a surprise guest speaker Jimmy Diggs (Freelance writter of more 'Star Trek' episodes than any other freelance writter in the history of that franchise). Who spoke of his current project 'H.M.S. Vistory' where several historical figures (such as H.G. Wells and Nikola Tesla) embark on a voyage to Mars to prevent the 'War of the Worlds' before it starts. After the panel we had a bit of a meet and greet outside, photos, and etc. Sadly the photos I took which I had planned to turn into a slide show was lost when my laptop decided to die. Until I can resurrect the poor thing the photos are in limbo. But if you're really craving some photos you can check out the Brass Goggles Forums thread which can be accessed here.

-Captain Wong Wei-

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